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Iitztimmy apex settings

Kills 13,902 #370 Octane Kills 5,284 #4,452 Valkyrie Kills 3,561 #1,775 Bangalore Kills 773 #18,430 Wattson Kills 466 #9,681 Lifeline Kills 415 #33,567 Bloodhound Kills 337 Caustic Kills 318 #19,761 Gibraltar Kills 285 #20,464 Mad Maggie Kills 282 #3,613 Fuse Kills 273 #9,502 Crypto Kills 258 #7,743 Loba Kills 217 #22,661 Seer Kills 206 #13,536.

Search: Iitztimmy Apex Tracker. Top Apex Legends streamers iiTzTimmy and NiceWigg made it to the $125,000 NA ALGS Pro League that features Team Liquid, TSM, and more iiTzTimmy is represented by Loaded Championship - July 7th ~ 10th - Raleigh, North Carolina You can see leaderboards for combat, score and team play, including stats such as kills per minute, head.

Aceu and iitztimmy apex. Although, he frequently jokes that Apex Legends and Valorant player Timmy (a.k.a., iiTzTimmy) is his brother, which later on became an inside joke in their respective fandoms. ...Aceu began playing Apex Legends in 2019, the same year it was released. His insane tactical skills and godlike aim made him one of the best players in Apex Legends.

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iiTzTimmy has been streaming seriously since August 2019 and soon made a name for himself as a high-level Apex Legends player. So much so, that he was even soon streaming with the likes of Aceu and Dieagosaurs among others. His success earned him a year-long position on the Golden Guardians starting in December 2019, firstly as part of their pro-Apex team and then as part of their stream team.

iitzTimmy Apex Reticle Setting — Red. It’s not a surprise that iitzTimmy chooses red to be his reticle color given his more aggressive playstyle. This hue is still quite useful even.

Going to your settings and clicking the reticle settings and slide the line until you get "255,0,0." If you are on PC make sure to put +reticle_color then the numbers on Autoexec/cfg/launch settings. 3. Neon Hot Pink (Kandydrew) These colors might be odd to hear about, but they look so cool when aiming your weapon.

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